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Make Your 802.11ac Connection Solid

If you’ve just purchased a sweet performance laptop featuring 802.11ac and are frustrated with the frequent dropped connections, it may not be your laptop.  It could be the old router you’re connecting to.  You may […]

Mar, 22

Beware if signing up for Clear

There are many reasons for signing up with Clear for broadband service but you should be aware of a major pitfall. They reserve the right to peddle your ass to anyone out there who pays […]

Feb, 18

Buffalo Routers vs Comcast

Buffalo routers have been amazing work horses for many years but their latest version suffers from lack of compatibility with Comcast’s motorola modems.  WHR-HP-G300N and WHR-G300N with firmware v.1.7 WILL NOT reliably connect to Comcast. […]

Jun, 15


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