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Apple’s Sorry Record of Abuses in China

Mike Daisey has crafted a brilliant monologue of the genius of Steve Jobs and Apple’s deal with the devil to create their products by hand in China. He has made the transcript available for download […]

Mar, 07 · in Uncategorized

Your Color Laser Printer Reveals Who You Are

One of the more maddening aspects of printing in the 21st Century is having your printer refuse to print a black and white document because you are out of color ink. It is nonsensical. However, […]

Nov, 18 · in Security scam (spam marketing)

Were you tagged in a photo stored at I doubt it. If you should receive an email purporting to be from a friend and it notifies you that your friend has tagged you in […]

Jul, 17

Boycott GoDaddy

Sport Killing GoDaddy’s CEO thinks killing an elephant is great sport. The company that built its business on sleaze has gone from bad to worse. If you have domain names with the company, transfer them […]

Apr, 01

Samsung keylogger a false alarm

According to eWeek, Samsung laptops come pre-loaded with keylogger software that records your every keystroke — including logon id and passwords– and emails the data back for analysis. SEE eWeek: Keylogger found on Samsung A […]

Mar, 30

Boehner opposes net neutrality

Somehow confusing net neutrality with “government takeover”, Boehner would like to bar the FCC from creating any regulation guaranteeing net neutrality. As he sees it, corporate control of the information sent across the wires is […]

Feb, 28

Beware if signing up for Clear

There are many reasons for signing up with Clear for broadband service but you should be aware of a major pitfall. They reserve the right to peddle your ass to anyone out there who pays […]

Feb, 18



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