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Beware if signing up for Clear

There are many reasons for signing up with Clear for broadband service but you should be aware of a major pitfall. They reserve the right to peddle your ass to anyone out there who pays […]

Feb, 18 · in Internet,Wireless

Sony does not like security flaws made public

From an article published here: Sony appears to be sending a warning volley across the bows of all security researchers.

Jan, 20 · in Business,Law

New Scam Call – "Our System has Detected Your PC is About to Fail"

Two clients have called with the same question: “Is this a legitimate call?” They were both told that their PC’s were being monitored and that they had been alerted to a possible failure and/or a […]

Dec, 30

Webmail under attack

Do you have a webmail account such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or Gmail? If so, change the password today to something fairly complex. Webmail accounts are being attacked left right and center and anyone with […]

Sep, 20

Net Neutrality

Patty Murray is confusing the right of consumers to access the internet with net neutrality. The first is a right to view sites on the internet, the 2nd is a right to view ALL sites […]

Aug, 06

Hot Tip for the Day: Upgrading XP to Win7

Upgrading to Win7 has its hazards, particularly when it comes to email. If you are moving from XP/Outlook Express to Win7/Outlook, the path is not as direct as it looks. Win7 does not include Outlook […]

Jul, 28

Hot Tip for the Day: Nuance PDF Reader

Adobe created the Public Document Format (PDF) and encouraged widespread adoption but charged for their full version of software designed to create and manipulate that format (Acrobat). ┬áBefore shelling out the bucks for Acrobat, take […]

Jun, 19



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