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This article was written on 20 Jul 2012, and is filled under Uncategorized.

Ultralites have arrived!

When Apple introduced the Macbook Air, it raised the bar to a standard to impossibly high PC manufacturers were left standing with just screwdrivers in hand. They had nothing to compare with something that looked like it came from outer space. In the last few years, it had become patently obvious that Steve Jobs was from outerspace. Look at all the UFO abduction stories and you’ll see a common theme when they describe a spaceship: silvery, rounded with no signs of doors. Sound familiar? Look at the AIR: machined from a single piece of aluminum, it looks like nothing else except other Apple products. Intel stepped in to try to balance the market by offering hefty funds to manufacturers willing to take on the Air. It has taken a couple of years but they are now here and when Windows 8 is out, they might even edge out the Air as a superior piece of technology.

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