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This article was written on 08 Dec 2013, and is filled under Email.

Android Kitkat and Exchange Issue Solved

I’ve learned early on that, when you get an android, you are going to get quirks in the OS.  If it is not half-baked, it is most certainly not quite baked.

There’s no question that Google feels the heat when it comes to competing with both Apple and Microsoft.  They push themselves to innovate but it comes at a price we all pay when they release their software too early.  Such is the case with kitkat.  Try plugging your new Moto X or Nexus 5 into MS Exchange and you may be in a for a rude surprise.  It does not work.  Instead of simply setting up your phone for email, contacts, and calendar, it hangs at “synching”, promising that your email will be available shortly.  Only the email never comes.


The solution is to set your user name to domain\username instead of using your email address.  For most corporate mail, this is easily done as the domain was set up with the mail server.  But what about those who are using Exchange in the cloud?


For users of Microsoft’s Office365, there are two steps.  The first comes when the phone asks for your server.  The correct answer is   The second part is the user name.  For someone with an email of, for example,, the user name would be\   It is an ungainly tag but it works.

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