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This article was written on 22 Mar 2016, and is filled under Wireless.

Make Your 802.11ac Connection Solid

If you’ve just purchased a sweet performance laptop featuring 802.11ac and are frustrated with the frequent dropped connections, it may not be your laptop.  It could be the old router you’re connecting to.  You may have a dozen phones, tablets and TV’s connected to the router using 802.11n but that doesn’t mean your laptop is at fault.  It’s just not designed to talk to older systems.  You should replace your router every 3 to 4 years to stay current with standards.

Don’t settle for whatever is on the shelf at Best Buy or Office Depot.  Do your homework, check online reviews.  The hot manufacturers today may not keep up the quality next year so try to match the model with the review.  For the past few years, Asus has provided very solid routers.  I like the Asus RT-AC66U.  Besides being a fast 802.11ac performer, it has an easy to use web interface, can convert to an access point in just a few clicks, and provides gigabit wire speed.


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